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The shows on the Robots Radio network are known for their high quality, thought-provoking content, and for building positive communities of loyal fans. Here are just some of the stats and accomplishments we’ve achieved.

fallout lorecast large logo NEW year 6.jpg
  • Over 4 Million downloads to date.

  • In the top 0.5% of podcasts globally.

  • Reached #11 in Spotify’s Top Leasure Podcasts category

  • Regularly listed in Apple Podcast’s Top 50 Video Game Podcasts.

  • Tom, the host of this and most of the other “Lorecasts” on the network is the creator of the Robots Radio network, has guested other successful podcasts, runs the Rocket Club mentorship program for new podcasts, and is a YouTube content creator and live streamer with a following beyond just audio podcasts.

elder scrolls lorecast logo year 6.jpg
  • Over 1.5 Million downloads to date.

  • In the top 1% of podcasts globally.

  • Regularly listed in the Apple Podcasts Top 100 Video Game Podcasts.

  • Interviewed popular Elder Scrolls podcaster, video, and live stream content creators.

  • Over 1 Million downloads to date.

  • Voice actors include Pete Hines, VP of Global Marketing at Bethesda, and Ferret Baudoin, Senior Designer on Fallout 76.

  • Featured on stage at the Bethesda Game Days event in Boston, MA in February of 2020.

  • Nominated for various podcast awards.

  • Regularly ranks in the top 100 Apple Vidoe Game Podcasts.

  • Featured in articles from,,,, and

  • Interviewed Mark Meer, the voice of the Male Commander Shepard, the main character in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

  • In less than a year this podcast has grown extremely quickly and now ranks in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally.

  • Regularly is listed in the top 100 Apple Video Game Podcasts.

  • Co-hosted by Tom (Fallout Lorecast), Ken (Chad A Fallout 76 Story), and Dave (Vault Boys WV).

  • Featured regularly at Bethesda events including Quakecon 2020 and 2021 and the Fallout 76 Wastelanders reveal.

  • Regularly interview Bethesda staff and popular content creators including Ferret Baudoin, Senior Designer, Nate Purkeypile, former Lead Artist at Bethesda, and many popular Fallout content creators.

  • Ranked in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally.

  • Works directly with the original creators of Cyberpunk, RTalsorian Games, and have interviewed the president of the company Cody Pondsmith and their head of communications, J Gray, multiple times.

  • Regularly ranks in the top 100 Apple Vidoe Game Podcasts.

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