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Robots Radio Rocket Club


Everything you need to launch your new podcast into orbit.

Join 21 upcoming creators hitting huge milestones with their new podcasts.

Starting a new podcast can be tough.


Growing your existing show can also be difficult. There’s a lot to learn.

For example, did you know that your FIRST episode is the most important episode you will ever record?


New listeners will only give you 5 minutes. Five minutes to keep them interested or to lose them to another show.

This means that you NEED to make sure that your first episode is something you can be proud of. Something that will grab a listener’s attention and keep them coming back for more.


This also means that your most recent shows need to be just as engaging and interesting to new listeners.

You need to be prepared.

Do you have:

  • A great idea?

  • The right equipment?

  • The perfect name for your show?

  • A format that makes sense?

  • A plan for social media, a website, SEO?

  • Connections with other podcasters or potential guests?

  • A way to grow your audience?

  • Hosting?

  • A plan for how to make money with your show?

It’s a lot to think about. That’s why we’ve created the Robots Radio Rocket Club.

What is the Robots Radio Rocket Club?


The Robots Radio Rocket Club is more than just an apprentice program for podcasters. We’re a community of podcasters.

We’re here to help new podcasts and podcasts that are struggling to find an audience to reach their full potential.

Do you have dreams of reaching thousands of listeners each month?

Do you want to make money through your content creation?

Do you want to connect with other amazing content creators and be part of something bigger than just a single show?

Take my advice. You need to start on the right foot, with the right knowledge to reach your dreams as quickly as possible.


What are the benefits of joining?

  • Robots Radio Rocket Club members are junior members of the Robots Radio network and are branded as Robots Radio Rocket shows.

  • An initial 1-hour session to plan your show, discuss best practices for podcasting or audit your current show. ($100+ value)

  • Access to the Robots Radio guide for podcasters – detailing all the information you’d need to build a successful podcast. ($19.95 value)

  • A weekly hour-long live group session for you to ask questions and review your progress. ($100+ value)

  • Hosting for your podcast on our high-end hosting provider. ($10+/month or more)

  • Analytics. See how many plays your show is getting, who your listeners are, what platform they listened on, and more.

  • Your show will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major platforms.

  • GET PAID! Run advertisements from our network sponsors even while your show is small so you can start making money right away. (Invaluable)

  • The Robots Radio Rocket brand will be advertised across the existing shows on the network with over a MILLION plays and subscribers. (Value: Thousands of dollars per year)

Wow. So how much does this cost?


The first month is just $99 to get started and $49 per month afterward. That’s it.

We should charge more for something that’s worth hundreds of dollars per month, but we won’t. Because we want you to succeed and to be part of our team.

There’s value in your creative vision. Let’s work together to bring it to everyone.




Q: I’d like to join the Robots Radio network as a full member. Is this a way to do that?

A: Yes! We want you to succeed and will do everything to help you grow into an official Robots Radio Podcast host. When a Rocket Club show reaches 50,000 plays it proves that you’ve made it. You’ll be upgraded to a full member of the Robots Radio network.

Q: How long does it take to reach 50,000 plays?

A: There’s no simple answer to this. It depends on a lot of factors. How hard you work. The quality of your show. Your specific niche. How well you market your show, etc.

But here’s a reference for you. The Fallout Lorecast reached over 250,000 plays in its first year. With the right plan and hard work, anything is possible.

Q: Who will be my instructor?

A: Tom (or Robots), the creator of the network and host of its most successful shows. We’re not going to just hand you off to just anybody. Tom will personally work with you to help you succeed.

Q: What if I want even more 1-on-1 instruction and help. Is there a higher tier or payment option?

A: If you want more, sure! We think our weekly chats will be more than enough help, but you’re welcome to request more.

Currently, there’s only a single tier for the service, but if you’d like more 1-on-1 time you can purchase this individually for a one-time fee of $49 per hour.

Are you ready to sign up? We’re ready to see you blast off. You’re just two steps away from beginning your journey.

Step 1: Tell us about you and your show or show idea!

Thanks for submitting!

Halftone Rocket
Step 2: Pay for your first month to get started!

You’ll be billed $99 for your first month and automatically billed $49* each month after.

After you submit payment, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to set up your membership onboarding.

*If you’re ever unhappy with the service, you can cancel anytime. Upon canceling, you’ll need to migrate your podcast’s RSS feed to a new provider, but don’t worry. We’ll give you 30 days and even help you move out. No hard feelings.

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