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THE Book for Video Game Podcasters

Learn how to become a successful video game podcaster. Today.

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With Video Game Podcasting, you’ll not only learn how to design, record, market, and monetize your own video game podcast, but we’ll show you how to create a successful show that stands out in an extremely oversaturated market.


Stop dreaming up show ideas and get started building your community and talking about the games you love today.

Hey, there. I’m Tom (or R0B0TS)

I knew when I graduated college that I wanted to do something in the gaming industry, but I didn’t go to college for game design or coding or even marketing or design. I got 2 degrees actually – Philosophy and Religious Studies. I like to say that I majored in “deep thoughts about everything” but it’s more like I majored in how not to get a job out of college.


After multiple career changes designed to expand my personal learning in graphic design, sound design, business, management, marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, video editing, streaming, and more, and thousands of hours spent on my own failed after-work projects, I finally struck gold.

I pulled together all of my knowledge, “primed the marketing pump” and launched the Fallout Lorecast in January of 2019. It was an instant hit.

Based on the audience response, I knew within the first month that this show could change my life.

So I took that recipe for success and launched more shows, and then eventually a network of podcasts. And now my goal is to take the knowledge I’ve gained and pass it on to new podcasters so that you can have everything you need to succeed right from the beginning. Because I wish I had a guide like this when I was starting out. If I had someone who could have taught me what to do, especially what NOT to do, it would have saved me so much money and time.

So where am I at with my podcasting career right now? Well, as I’m writing this I’m about to finish up my 3rd year of content for the Fallout Lorecast and it’s recently passed 1.2 Million downloads. It’s among the top 0.5% of podcasts globally and regularly sits in the top 50 video game podcasts on Apple Podcasts and the top 50 leisure podcasts on Spotify. My other shows are doing pretty well too, following close behind.


Oh, and after just under 3 years I’m now doing this full-time. That’s right. I have a full-time video game podcasting career and it only took me 20 years. But I’m proud because I worked my way out of corporate America and into a job that I loved.

And that’s the most important thing that I learned. If I can do it, then anyone can do it and it shouldn’t take you 20 years. You just need to know where to start and how to take the right steps. Oh, and you have to actually do the work. I can’t do that part for you, but I can point you in the right direction, show you the path, and tell you what potholes to avoid.


“From the smallest tricks and tips, to the in-depth research, Tom has it all. His wealth of knowledge, and willingness to share it all, has been instrumental in getting my first podcast off the ground.” 

Aaron “All Might Crit” Foster

“Tom has been a tremendous help throughout my Podcaster journey. From tips and tricks to figuring out what works best for my ideas. He’s been an absolutely tremendous influence in my success as a Podcaster and an excellent mentor. I eagerly await the days that I can influence and help spread the same spark that Tom has given me.”

Is This For YOU?

If you need help with any of these things, then this is absolutely the book for you.

  • You’re looking to start a video podcast but don’t know exactly how.

  • You want advice on recording equipment and software.

  • You want to make sure your show sounds good without spending forever editing it each week.

  • You’d like some ideas for your show and how to format it.

  • You’re not sure the best way to market your show and get the attention of your target audience.

  • You don’t really understand podcast hosting and how to make sure your show is available to everyone.

  • You need some help with branding, a name, and a logo.

  • You think it would be really cool to grow a community and would love some advice on the best way to do that.

  • You’d like to understand how to make money without sounding like a greedy sleaze-bag.

These are all things I’ve learned and perfected by working on my own shows and especially the weekly mentorship meetings with the Rocket Club members.

Who SHOULDN’T Buy This Book?

This is not for you if you expect to read this book and become successful overnight. There’s no way that any book can do that. Your ability to achieve your goals is 100% dependent on how well you follow through with what you learn from this guide or anything else you read. This is simply a book of knowledge. What you do with it is up to you.

However, if you believe you are ready to commit to success, then this has what you need to begin. It answers every question I considered when I wrote it, and if there’s something you want to ask after you read it please feel free to join our Discord and raise the question. I, or someone else in the community, will more than likely be happy to chime in with their advice.

And if you’re still unsatisfied with the product, then let me know within 60 days and I’ll give you your money back. 100% no risk and no questions asked.

So what do you have to lose?


Oh, and I can’t wait to hear about your show! Send me a message on Twitter. Join my live streams on YouTube or community chat on Discord.

And please reach out with any questions. I’m always happy to hear from you at any point. Keep in touch and good luck with your show!

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