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Does your podcast belong on Robots Radio?

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What is Robots Radio?

The Robots Radio Podcast Network is all about setting a new standard for video game and nerd culture podcasts.


We know that there are thousands of podcasts to choose from. That’s why we’ve built a network around high quality, unique shows that break the mold of the regular old podcast.

What you won’t find here are typical shows. Four white dudes sitting around a table talking about what they ate for breakfast? No, thank you.


Our hosts are engaging. Their topics are unique and interesting. Every show on the network is striving for continual improvement. This is what you get with a Robots Radio show.

Better content makes better podcasts.


What is the Robots Radio Rocket Club?


The Robots Radio Rocket Club is more than just an apprentice program for podcasters.


We’re a community of podcasters.


We’re here to help new podcasts and podcasts that are struggling to find an audience to reach their full potential.


Do you have dreams of reaching thousands of listeners each month?


Do you want to make money through your content creation?


Do you want to connect with other amazing content creators and be part of something bigger than just a single show?


Take my advice. You need to start on the right foot, with the right knowledge to reach your dreams as quickly as possible.


The Origin of the Network

The network was created by the host and creator of the Fallout Lorecast and the Elder Scrolls Lorecast – The man who goes by the name R0B0TS and sometimes just Tom.

Tom brought together a lifetime of experience to create two new shows which rocketed up the iTunes charts. With over 150 5-star ratings between the two shows in less than 4 months, Tom decided to open up the network, and his proven strategy, to other unique and high-quality shows.

Tom’s previous experience includes:

  • Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and social media marketing.

  • Creating, hosting, and running a D&D actual play podcast

  • Freelance Voice-over talent.

  • Work in the entertainment industry as an event MC, DJ, and touring & recording musician.

  • Audio and Video editing.

  • Degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

  • Lots of very valuable party tricks that have no real-world value.

  • Plays too many video games.

  • Overly dry sense of humor (at times).

  • And so, so much more!

Satelite Dish

The Goal of Robots Radio

The goal is simple: To create a podcast brand known for quality, unique content, and great hosts.

In a crowded market with too many low-quality shows, all of this adds up to a podcast network you can count on – a place where listeners will know they can always find shows that stand above the rest.


★★★★★ War, war never changes, BUT…

Kryptex_ about the Fallout Lorecast

The way we learn about gaming lore and fictional wars certainly has. R0b0ts has become the tour guide to the bredth and depth of my favorite fictional universe. He has the voice, tone, and energy that I can listen to for hours at a time. I can’t say enough good things about this production and I “highly recommend” listening. As a fan for more than a decade and thousands of hours into these games…he still makes me think and wonder.

Join our Community

Join the ROBOTSRADIO Discord Server - The friendliest community of video game nerds on the internet

  • Chat with ROBOTS, show hosts, and over 2,000 awesome community members

  • Talk about the shows, play games together, share your content and personal updates & more

  • Group up to play Fallout 76, ESO, Destiny, and other multiplayer games together

  • Apply to the LORECASTERS ESO guild and our Destiny Guild

  • *Patrons can access the Patron-only chat rooms

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